Prudential Term Life Insurance


Prudential term life insurance provides safe and straightforward life insurance protection.

Prudential life insurance is protection that can help keep your dreams for your family alive.

Prudential Life Insurance can provide the financial means for your loved ones to carry on without you. It can help them meet what lies ahead by providing money to:

Term insurance is cost-effective, basic life insurance. You get it for a set length of time.

Certain periods in your life may require more life insurance than others.

There are years when you are earning an income and may have a mortgage or other loans or debts. Having life insurance that ends when these debts do makes sense. Term life insurance is temporary. It ends after a specific number of years, such as 20 or 30 years, perhaps to coincide with the end of your mortgage.

Term life insurance can also be a cost-effective option to meet the demands of your budget.

It is a basic type of life insurance that provides a guaranteed death benefit for the period you choose. The death benefit is the amount that is paid income tax-free to your beneficiary if you die during the term of the policy. Plain and simple.

Premiums stay the same until the level-premium period ends. You get budget-friendly protection for the length of the level-premium period you choose (10, 15, 20, or 30 years), up to $10 million in life insurance coverage. If you choose to keep the policy after the level-premium period ends, your premiums will increase each year as outlined in your contract and stop at age 95, when the policy ends.


Prudential Life Insurance Company offers:

  • Good value for your dollar.
  • Premium payments that stay the same for the period of coverage you select, are guaranteed.
  • A tax-favored death benefit. Your beneficiary should not have to pay taxes on the funds.
  • The option to convert part or all of your coverage to permanent life insurance, without another medical exam.


What makes this term policy different?

Term Essential offers more than just death benefit protection. It also offers a conversion option and the Living Needs Benefit. Most companies do not offer both a conversion option and an accelerated death benefit provision. We are ready to meet your challenges head-on.

  • Its conversion privilege allows you to convert the policy to any permanent policy we offer, guaranteed. No need to take another medical exam. Your health may change, but you can’t be denied a permanent policy that can last for as long as you live.
  • If you become terminally ill, our Living Needs Benefit will pay out a portion of your death benefit while you’re still living. You should know that the Living Needs Benefit is an accelerated death benefit. It is not a health, nursing home, or long-term care insurance benefit and is not designed to eliminate the need for insurance of these types.
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You can customize your policy.

You can add other features to tailor your policy. Each is available for an additional premium:

  • The Accidental Death Benefit. Pays an additional death benefit if your death is a direct result of an accident.
  • The Waiver of Premium Rider. Forgives your premiums if you become totally disabled.
  • The Children’s Protection Rider. Let’s you provide life insurance for your children while they’re young.

The difference between term insurance and permanent insurance.

  • Permanent insurance is designed to be able to last as long as you live; term insurance is designed to be temporary.
  • Permanent policies often build cash value. Term Essential does not build cash value.
  • Permanent policies may let the owner borrow or withdraw money from the cash value if any. Term Essential does not have any cash value. That means you can’t take any loans or withdrawals from the policy.

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