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Prudential Universal Life Insurance is an affordable universal life insurance policy. It’s a simple way to have the protection you need. Plus, it offers the potential to accumulate tax-deferred cash value. The policy can be tailored to fit with your personal circumstances. This is done with living benefit options that you can add … or skip.

Life insurance. For what really matters.

You care about the future. Not just your own, but that of the people you love. It’s why you’re considering life insurance. Or maybe you’re adding to the coverage you already have. To you, life insurance isn’t just something to cross off a list. It’s more than that.

It’s Protection for Loved Ones and How You Want to Be Remembered.

You work hard to protect the important people in your life. When you die, you want them to remember you as someone who ensured that they, and perhaps the causes that mattered most to you, have what’s needed to carry on.

It’s Access to Cash Value When You Need It.

Things happen. Often, when it’s unexpected. You want to feel more prepared to face unanticipated crises. When your policy has accumulated cash value, life insurance can help with that, too.


Prudential Life Insurance

The policy’s death benefit can help financially provide for those you hold in your heart. Shop, compare and apply for Prudential Life Insurance.

Help Provide What They Need.

The death benefit can keep your family in their home. It can help children and grandchildren get the start needed to be successful. It can also give the people you love a sense of stability as they face a future without you.


Continue What You Started

Your Prudential Universal Life Insurance policy can help see to it that your intentions are carried out in more ways than you may realize.

Leave an Income Tax-Free Legacy They’ll Get Right Away.

Death benefits from a life insurance policy are generally received income tax-free. And, in general, life insurance death benefits don’t go through probate.

Create a Fair Legacy.

Prudential Life Insurance can help you provide your children or loved ones with an equal inheritance. This helps if you own a business, not all will inherit.

Help Your Favorite Charity or Institution.

There’s a way a life insurance policy used in a charitable strategy can offer an additional tax advantage.

Offset Estate Taxes.

Life insurance can help offset any estate taxes that may be due, preserving more for your loved ones.

Care for Someone with Special Needs.

Combined with a special needs trust, the death benefit can be an important part of continuing quality care of a loved one. It can help ensure your loved ones are taken care of, even when you’re gone.


Guaranteed protection.

The policy features a guarantee that can be extended. It can provide you with guaranteed coverage as long as sufficient premiums are paid and other guarantee requirements are met. This feature can offer comfort to you and your family.

Understanding the No-Lapse Guarantee

The policy’s No-Lapse Guarantee can help you ensure that, for a certain time period, your policy will stay in effect no matter what happens to your policy’s values. Generally, the more premiums you pay, the longer the guarantee will last. However, the length of the Adjustable No-Lapse Guarantee can be dialed up or down, based on:

  • The timeliness of your premium payments.
  • The amount of your premium payments.
  • The frequency of your premium payments.
  • Taking any policy loans or withdrawals.
  • Changes to the death benefit.

The No-Lapse Guarantee may not extend for the life of the policy.

It is important that you pay your scheduled premiums when they are due. Missed or late premium payments may shorten or eliminate the policy’s guarantee. Even if you pay premiums when due, the No-Lapse Guarantee may not last as long as you want to keep the policy. Payments to restore the guarantee may be higher than those you were originally paying.

Please also note that, by paying only the minimum premium required, you may be forgoing the potential to build tax-deferred cash value.



Cash Value.

Your policy has the potential to accumulate cash value over time. It will receive daily interest crediting. This allows for steady cash growth potential that is not tied to fluctuating markets.

A portion of your premium helps your policy to accumulate cash value. You can:

  • Keep it simple and only pay the minimum to keep the policy in force.
  • Increase your premium amount for faster cash value accumulation and a longer no-lapse guarantee.

This policy offers the security of a competitive minimum crediting rate of 2%.

Now, take a look at two ways you can use your policy while you’re living to be prepared for unexpected expenses.

Cash Value: A Potential Source of Additional Income.

You’ll have access to your policy’s cash value through withdrawals. You can also have access to the cash value through typically income-tax-free loans. Of course, taking loans and withdrawals will decrease your policy’s cash value and death benefits and may shorten the length of the policy’s no-lapse guarantee.

Money If You Become Chronically or Terminally Ill.

If you become ill, it may cause a financial strain. This policy offers optional living benefits. These can help provide relief to you and your family.

There are two ways that Prudential Universal Life Insurance can help you to accelerate the death benefit. In other words, use the death benefit while you are still living. You can use the money any way you wish. You can choose from these two options.

Living Needs Benefit

This benefit lets you accelerate the death benefit if you become terminally ill. There is no charge for this benefit. There is a transactional fee when it is exercised. Not available in WA.

BenefitAccess Rider

Think about adding this rider when you buy your policy. It accelerates the death benefit if you become chronically or terminally ill. This is subject to the terms and conditions of the rider. Additional underwriting and costs will be applied. 



Your Prudential UL policy offers options, called riders. You can add them to your policy, or not, based on your present and future needs. These are in addition to the Living Needs Benefit and BenefitAccess Rider described on the previous page:


If you become disabled, the policy deductions taken from the policy will be waived. There is an additional charge for this rider.


Life insurance to cover your children when they’re young. There is an additional charge for this rider.


If you die as a direct result of an accident, this is an additional death benefit. There is an additional charge for this rider. Not available in MA.


Helps your policy gain higher cash value in the early years in case you surrender it. There is an additional charge for this rider. Not available in NY.


Keeps your policy from lapsing if you have an outstanding loan. There is an additional charge for this rider.


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