United Healthcare Life Insurance


United Healthcare Life Insurance provides a Term Life insurance policy with an optional Critical Illness Benefit that pays cash benefits for a qualifying critical illness.

United Healthcare Term Life Insurance Plan

Death Benefit

United Healthcare Life Insurance will pay the Term Life Benefit (less any Critical Illness Benefit paid) to the designated beneficiary at the time of your death. Written proof of death must be furnished to us within 90 days from the insured’s date of death or as soon as reasonably possible.


You may assign your policy while you are alive.


You can name any person or persons, other than your employer, as a beneficiary. You can change the beneficiary at any time, subject to the terms of your policy and the laws of your state.

Renewal Provision

At the end of the policy term (10 years or 20 years), you may continue coverage until your 75th birthday on a year-by-year basis. Evidence of insurability is not required, however, your premium rates will increase each year.

Term Life Insurance Exclusions and Limitations

We will not pay a death benefit caused by any of the following:

  • Suicide, while sane or insane, within 2 years from the effective date.
  • The insured driving while intoxicated or under the influence of illegal narcotics or controlled substances as defined by applicable state law in the state in which the death occurred.
  • Any act of declared or undeclared war.
  • The insured taking part in a riot.
  • The insured’s commission of a felony, whether or not charged.
  • Participating or instructing in (while being paid to do so): horseback riding, racing, or speed testing any non-motorized vehicle/conveyance, skiing, rodeo sports, or rock or mountain climbing.
  • Participating, demonstrating, instructing, guiding, or accompanying others in: sports (semi- or professional or intercollegiate not including intramural sports), parachute jumping, hang gliding, skydiving, bungee jumping, racing or speed testing any motorized vehicle/conveyance, or scuba/ skin diving (60 or more feet in depth).
  • Operating, riding in, or descending from any type of non-commercial aircraft if the insured is a pilot, officer, or member of the crew of such aircraft or is giving or receiving any kind of training or instructions or otherwise has any duties that require him or her to be aboard the aircraft.


Critical Illness Benefit (Optional)


Benefits received may affect your eligibility for Medicaid or other government benefits. Benefits received may be taxable. You should contact a tax advisor.

The amount payable

United Healthcare will pay a percentage of the Critical Illness Maximum Lifetime Benefit amount based on the type of covered critical illness first diagnosed after the 30-day waiting period has been satisfied.

Waiting Period

The first diagnosis must be made after 30 days of continuous coverage to be eligible for benefits.

Important: Benefits are paid upon the first diagnosis, as a one-time payment, not paid based on actual expenses incurred.

You will find complete coverage details in the policy.

Illness Diagnosis Requirements

We reserve the right to have any critical illness or terminal illness diagnosis reviewed by a doctor of our choice, at our expense.

Maximum Lifetime Benefit Amount

The percentage of the Maximum Lifetime Benefit amount payable depends on the type of critical illness or terminal illness. Total benefits payable under the rider for an insured will not exceed the Critical Illness Maximum Lifetime Benefit Amount chosen. Any Critical Illness benefit(s) paid will reduce the face amount of the Term Life insurance policy by the amount of the benefit(s) paid.



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