Transamerica Universal Life Insurance


Transamerica universal life insurance helps provide financial protection at a competitive cost.

Transamerica universal life insurance helps provide financial protection at a competitive cost.

Help protect the people who depend on you.

Universal life insurance can help safeguard your family members’ futures at an affordable cost, with benefits that can assist with your final expenses and their dependent care, living expenses, or college tuition.

Give yourself peace of mind.

Only six of ten Americans surveyed said they have life insurance, and half said they needed more. Eight in ten consumers who have had a positive experience with life insurance said it played a critical role after a loved one’s death.

Get the benefits that fit your needs.

A universal life insurance policy builds cash value that can be borrowed against it in the future and protect savings if an unexpected expense arises. In later years, the built-up cash value will continue to pay the cost of insurance, maintaining the policy even after retirement.

Life insurance should fit you, and we don’t limit you with a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you’re more interested in ensuring your ability to keep a death benefit from now until you’re 100, just want to add to your term life policy, or want to build cash value for your heirs, our universal life insurance policy works for just the right segment of the population: you.


Transamerican Universal Life Insurance Highlights

  • No Physicals or Blood work
  • Accumulates Cash Value
  • Guaranteed 3% Interest Rate
  • Withdrawal and Loan Options
  • Convenient Payroll Deduction

Enjoy our hassle-free application and claims process.

Apply for life insurance coverage by answering a few simple questions. No physicals or blood work is required! Our easy-to-navigate website allows you to update your information, keep track of your policies, apply for loans, submit claims, and more from your PC or mobile device.

Shop, compare and apply for Transamerica Life Insurance.

Use your benefits when you need them most.

Life is unpredictable. Universal life offers help that goes beyond traditional life insurance to meet challenging situations. If you need to borrow against the cash value, you can pay it back when times get better.

If you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness, you can use a portion of the policy’s death benefit to make a difficult time easier. If you’re laid off, monthly deductions are waived for up to six months so you maintain your policy.

Take our portable, flexible policy with you.

We let you keep your insurance when changing jobs and adjust premiums, death benefit and cash value amounts to meet changing personal financial situations like getting married, having a child, buying a house, seeing your child through graduation, or retiring.


You can insure your eligible spouse, children, and grandchildren with their own policies or purchase protection for your children through a child level term life insurance rider. 

Trust only the best with your family’s financial protection.

Not all insurance companies are the same, and not all policies offer the same benefits. Transamerica has a reliable history of helping families like yours for over 100 years.

The first step is comparing universal life insurance quotes to find the best policies!



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