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Principal Universal Life Insurance Protector IV provides protection for your lifetime, as long as you make sufficient payments to keep the policy active. Plus, any benefit paid to beneficiaries is generally free of income tax and potential estate tax, as well.

Do you have confidence that those who depend on you financially will be taken care of when you pass away? If the answer is “no,” don’t feel bad — help is available. Principal Universal Life Insurance provides protection for your lifetime, as long as you make sufficient payments to keep the policy active.

The death benefit provided through permanent life insurance will provide protection for your lifetime, as long as you make sufficient payments to keep the policy active. Plus, any benefit paid to beneficiaries is generally free of income tax and potential estate tax, as well.

This tax-advantaged financial support can help:


Life is full of surprises — but your insurance doesn’t have to be

We know life throws a lot of curveballs your way. So it makes sense that you want to avoid the unexpected when it comes to your life insurance.

That’s why Principal Universal Life Insurance could be the right solution for you. It’s designed to deliver security and certainty, with:

  • Coverage you’re guaranteed to not outlive, as long as premiums required to maintain the Lapse Protection Guarantee are paid.
  • Premium payments will never change, provided they’re paid on schedule and no changes are made to your policy.

Plus, you’ll still have the flexibility to ensure your coverage meets your ongoing needs — including the choice of a death benefit that either stays the same or increases over time.

Principal Life Insurance Company offers three death benefit options. The one you choose determines what your beneficiary will receive and the cost of your policy.


Get guaranteed coverage for as long as you need it

The key feature of Principal Life Insurance

It offers a guaranteed death benefit at an affordable price. This Lapse Protection Guarantee provides assurance your policy won’t lapse for a period of time of your choosing — from several years to the rest of your life.

Here are some things you should know about your coverage:

  • Your financial professional will help you determine the amount of coverage and the length of the Lapse Protection Guarantee that’s right for you. 
  • This determines the payment amount, or Lapse Protection Guarantee premium, that you’ll make to your policy.
  • As long as you make these payments as scheduled, your policy is guaranteed to remain active.
  • After your Lapse Protection Guarantee period has ended, it may be necessary to pay much higher premiums to keep your Principal Life Insurance policy in force. 
  • Paying no more than the Lapse Protection Guarantee premium amount may not allow you to take full advantage of your policy’s potential cash value accumulation.
  • There are some things that can affect your guaranteed coverage, including if you: – Change the amount and/or frequency of your premium payments.
    • Take a loan or partial surrender from the policy.
    • Change the death benefit option.
    • Increase the face amount of the policy (including increases that result from riders).
    • Decrease the face amount of the policy.
    • Add, change, or remove a rider that has a charge.
    • Have an underwriting risk class change.

It’s important that you contact your financial professional before making a premium or policy change. He or she will help you understand the impact of any changes.

Shop, compare and apply for Principal Life Insurance.


Customize your policy

A package of base riders is automatically included on the policy, as well as some optional riders. A rider is an additional benefit added to the policy to expand or enhance your coverage. Your financial professional can help you identify the right ones for your unique needs.

Base riders

Automatically included on the policy, subject to state availability and qualification requirements, at no additional charge unless used.

  • Accelerated Benefits Rider — Provides the option of receiving an advance of a portion of the death proceeds if you become terminally ill.
  • Cost of Living Increase Rider — Helps you keep pace with inflation by allowing you to increase your insurance coverage with no additional underwriting.
  • Extended Coverage Rider —Extends your coverage to the date of death if you live beyond age 121.
  • Lapse Protection Rider—This allows you to determine the Lapse Protection Guarantee period of your coverage, from a few years to the rest of your life.

Optional riders

May be added to your policy, subject to state availability, at a cost.

  • Children Term Insurance Rider —Provides coverage for eligible children ages 15 days through 17 years.
  • Salary Increase Rider — Provides you with the option to increase your insurance coverage to keep up with your rising salary. It’s only available for business cases.
  • Waiver of Monthly Policy Charge Rider — Waives the monthly charges for your policy (not the full premium amount) if you become disabled.


What happens next if I decide to purchase?

If UL Protector IV is the right choice for you, The Annuity Expert will work with you to get started. Here’s what you can expect next:

  • You’ll review a life insurance quote to see how your policy will perform based on the premium you pay.
  • You’ll complete an application.
  • You’ll begin the underwriting process. It may sound intimidating, but it’s really not.
    • It’s simply a way to determine an appropriate risk class for you based on factors such as your age, gender, current physical condition, and medical history, financial background, personal habits, occupation, and relevant hobbies (such as aviation or scuba diving).
    • Your risk class determines the cost of your insurance.
  • After you’ve been approved and we receive your initial payment, you’ll receive your policy. It contains all the detailed information — kind of like the owner’s manual for your car. Keep it somewhere safe.
  • As a courtesy at the end of each policy year, you’ll receive an annual statement.

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