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Baltimore Life Single-Premium Whole Life Insurance is a tax-efficient way to maximize your estate, conserve and transfer assets to beneficiaries.  Life insurance for seniors up to age 85.

Maximize your estate, conserve and transfer assets to the ones you love.

Like most people, you have spent your adult life working hard, raising children, paying down a mortgage, and funding a college education.

Along the way, you have been fortunate enough to save some money for your retirement years and probably invested in safe and secure investments like certificates of deposit, savings bonds, or money market funds. Safe yes, but taxes can inflict a terrible toll on the growth of your assets.

Today, many seniors are concerned about their children and grandchildren’s future and wish to transfer a portion of their estate to them upon their death, but are unfortunately unsure as to an effective way to do so. At the same time, many seniors are worried about a catastrophic or prolonged illness and the devastating impact it can have on their accumulated wealth.

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Single-Premium Whole Life (SPWL) Insurance is an ideal solution.

By simply reallocating a portion of your invested assets to a Single-Premium Whole Life Insurance policy issued by Baltimore Life Insurance Company, you can:

  • Increase your estate.
  • Provide beneficiaries an inheritance that’s free of federal income tax.
  • Pass money directly to beneficiaries avoiding all probate courts.
  • Have a guaranteed lifetime death benefit
  • Access your guaranteed cash values for financial emergencies.
  • Receive your death benefit while living† in the event of a catastrophic illness:
    • Terminal Illness
    • Nursing Home Confinement
    • Home Health Care/Adult Day Care/Other Qualified Care


SPWL Benefits

Living Benefits

Adding the Accelerated Death Benefit Rider to your SPWL policy does not increase your premium, and you are able to accelerate a portion of the policy’s death benefit in the event of the insured suffering a catastrophic illness. As defined in the policy, these valuable living benefits can be exercised if any of the following occur:

Liquidity Features

  • Cash values accumulate income-tax deferred year after year.
  • A portion of your accumulated values can be accessed once a year any time after the policy has been in force for one year, through a partial surrender or policy loans.

Other Benefits

  • Protection for your lifetime
  • Guaranteed death benefits and cash values
  • Upon policy issue, your estate increases
  • Creates additional wealth that most other assets cannot accomplish
  • Death benefits are federal income-tax-free to the beneficiary


Who is Eligible for an SPWL?

  • Adults between the ages of 50 and 85
  • Individuals who want to maximize the size of their estate
  • Individuals who have accumulated assets specifically to leave to their children, grandchildren, or a favorite charity
  • Individuals who currently own CD’s, annuities, money-market instruments, and treasury securities
  • Qualification is based upon a short application and answering simple health questions. A simplified application with a phone interview by an underwriting call center!


Maximum Issue Age

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