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Global Medical Insurance is a worldwide medical insurance plan for individuals and families that is long-term (1+ year) and recurring on an annual basis.

It’s an exciting experience to be a global citizen (Expat), but it also has its risks. Your health care while traveling should not be one of them. You will get worldwide medical insurance through IMG’s unique program, Global Medical Insurance (IMG), which is backed by the world-class services you deserve.

The Global Medical Insurance coverage allows you to pick from a variety of plan choices, customize your length and breadth of coverage, and select from many deductibles and payment options. To cover you for everything, the program uses various underwriting strategies that other firms may reject in order to provide extra medical insurance to you that others may not accept.

You may rest confident that IMG has a department dedicated to keeping your insurance as cost-effective as possible with us. As part of its efforts, IMG provides a Medical Concierge service, which saves you money on out-of-pocket medical expenditures. We also provide a cash award and waive half of your deductible if you choose to receive therapy from one of the finest medical institutions outside the United States.

You’ll want the most comprehensive worldwide coverage possible, which can only be obtained from a company that is there for you when you need it. You may choose Global Medical Insurance because of IMG’s guarantee to offer outstanding medical benefits, aid, and service.


Long-term comprehensive medical plan for individuals and families


Why Expats Need International Health Insurance



  • Plan Flexibility
  • Choice of Coverage Area
  • Freedom to Choose Your Health Care Provider
  • Travel Intelligence Services
  • Assistance Services

Who the plan is designed for:

  • Coverage for individuals or families living or working abroad seeking expat health insurance.
  • Contract employees living and working abroad
  • Employer-sponsored group health insurance for internationally assigned employees.
  • Seniors with dual residencies six months or longer outside the U.S.

Coverage Options

  • Long-term (1+ year) comprehensive worldwide medical insurance for individuals and families
  • Annually renewable medical coverage
  • Deductible options from $100 to $25,000
  • Maximum limit options from $1,000,000 to $8,000,000
  • International health insurance cost varies by global coverage, deductible, and coverage amounts.

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