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Student Health Advantage offers students or scholars participating in a sponsored study abroad program a long term comprehensive medical insurance plan.

International Student Health Insurance is an insurance coverage option for international students that includes the appropriate combination of plan benefits, value, and coverage to keep them safe and healthy. IMG student health plans may also assist you in maintaining a healthy financial situation.

International students studying in the United States are protected by a J1 visa and have coverage that meets F1 visa requirements. International students from the United States who study outside of their home country can use an IMG plan to stay covered in Schengen visa countries as well as other nations.


Long- and short-term student health plans from IMG are great for: 

  • Individuals and groups participating in international student programs
  • Cultural exchange participants
  • International graduate students
  • Scholars and educators 
  • Dependents of those participating in international study programs 

IMG has done the legwork so you don’t have to, providing health insurance plans that are tailored to international and study abroad students and academics.


Long-term international students and scholars medical insurance

Designed for students or scholars participating in a sponsored study abroad program and desire an annually renewable comprehensive medical plan. This plan meets student visa requirements, includes benefits for maternity, mental health, organized sports, and international emergency care.


  • Standard and Platinum level benefits available
  • Long-term medical coverage
  • Coverage for individuals and groups and their dependents
  • Coverage can be extended up to 12 months from the initial effective date if a minimum of three months is purchased
  • Freedom to seek treatment with the hospital or doctor of your choice
  • 24-hour secure access from anywhere in the world to manage your account at any time
  • Student Health Center $5 copay per visit
  • Universal Rx pharmacy discount savings
  • Meets student visa requirements
  • Maternity coverage (on Platinum Plan Option only)
  • Mental health coverage
  • Organized sports coverage
  • International emergency care
  • Pre-existing coverage after 6 months with the Platinum option or 12 months with the Standard option


Who the plan is designed for:

  • Individuals participating in student international programs
  • Cultural exchange participants 
  • Graduate international students 
  • Scholars and educators 


Coverage Options


Effective July 1, 2020, International Medical Group (IMG®) has amended the current Public Health Emergency exclusion in their international student insurance policy wordings by issuing an endorsement that provides coverage for COVID-19 medical expenses. This endorsement will be added to the following plans:

  • Patriot Exchange Program
  • Student Health Advantage
  • Student Health Advantage Platinum
  • All customized student and exchange plans

This update applies to the above-mentioned plans for all new and existing insureds.

Members with an existing policy will be emailed about the change and log into their MyIMG account to view the endorsement. New members can view this endorsement in their plan documents after purchasing or enrolling as part of a group.


We are pleased to announce the addition of a telemedicine (i.e., Teledoc) benefit for groups seeking coverage in the United States. This virtual service provides a convenient way for customers to connect with licensed physicians for non-emergency conditions without having to make a trip to the emergency room or physician’s office.

Company Rating (A.M. Best)

Cancellation Policy

The Insured Person shall have three days from the Initial Effective Date of Coverage to review the benefits, conditions, limitations, exclusions, and all other Terms of the Master Policy as evidenced and outlined in the certificate. If not completely satisfied, the Insured Person may request cancellation of this insurance retroactive to the Initial Effective Date of Coverage by sending a written request to IMG by email, mail, or fax and received by IMG with the Review Period, thereby qualifying to receive a full refund of Premium paid.

Upon effectuation of such cancellation and refund, neither IMG nor the Insured Person shall have any further rights, liabilities, or obligations under this insurance.

After the Review Period, the following conditions apply if the Insured Person wishes to cancel this insurance:
– If any claims have been filed with IMG, the Premium is fully earned and is non-refundable.
– If no claims have been filed with IMG, a cancellation fee of $50.00 will be charged, only Premium covering time periods after the cancellation are refundable, and only full month Premiums are refundable.

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