Articles, guides, and reviews about conservative investing for retirement.

Can You Lose Money In An Annuity?

Looking for a “crash-proof retirement“? This guide will inform you which annuities have the ability to lose money that does not. In addition, this guide will answer the following questions: Can you lose money in an annuity? Is my money safe in an annuity? Has anyone lost money in a fixed annuity? What happens to …

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Why Do People Buy Annuities?

9 Reasons People Buy Annuities For Retirement. Tax-Deferred Growth A Guaranteed Income For Life Never Outliving Your Retirement Savings Keep Up With Inflation Protection From Creditors and Bankruptcy Protection From Stock Market Volatility Avoids Probate Long-Term Care Insurance CD Rates Alternative Helps With Medicaid Five Annuity Benefits Money can grow tax-deferred When you have many …

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