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Articles, guides, and reviews about long-term care and long-term care insurance.

Forethought Annuities Reviews

Forethought Life Insurance Company is a part of Global Atlantic Financial Group. All of their life insurance products are offered through Global Atlantic but were labeled as Forethought annuities. They offer fixed, variable, fixed indexed, long-term care and income annuities, and standard life insurance policies. Forethought Financial Strength Ratings Now only known as Global Atlantic, …

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What is an Annuity Date?

What is an Annuity Date? What is the annuity date? The annuity date is also known as the annuity commencement date is the day on which annuities are payable. This means that annuity payments will be made on this day every year until the annuitant passes away. Annuitants often receive a regular income from annuities, …

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The Equity Indexed Annuity

What is an equity indexed annuity? An equity-indexed annuity is a type of fixed annuity that earns interest based on a portion of an equities index, typically the S&P 500. An index equity annuity is also known as a fixed index annuity. When you buy an equity-indexed annuity you own an insurance contract. You are …

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Annuities with Long-Term Care Benefits

The following annuities are designed primarily for long-term care or have an enhanced long-term care benefit to help pay for a nursing home, assisted living facilities, home healthcare, or terminal illness costs. Annuity types include: Long Term Care Annuities Fixed Index Annuities with LTC Benefits The Best Annuities for Long-Term Care Assistance Shawn PlummerI’m a …

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Paying Healthcare and Long-Term Care Costs in Retirement

The unpredictable nature of one’s health and healthcare-related expenses makes planning for today’s retiree’s long-term healthcare needs challenging. Discover ways to incorporate healthcare costs into your retirement income strategy using approaches and products that can serve multiple needs at once. There’s a lot to think about when planning your retirement, from how much you need …

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