Retirement Income

Articles, guides, and reviews about saving and spending retirement income.

How To Retire Tax-Free

Retirement Planning Tax-Free Retiring tax-free revolves around strategic financial planning. Key to this is understanding how different retirement accounts are taxed. Traditional IRAs and 401ks, for example, are taxed at withdrawal. In contrast, a Roth IRA and Roth 401k are funded with after-tax dollars, meaning withdrawals during retirement are tax-free. This approach can significantly reduce…

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What Is The Rule Of 55?

As we approach retirement, we often start thinking about how to maximize our retirement savings. This is where the Rule of 55 comes in. The Rule of 55 is a commonly used financial planning strategy that allows individuals to withdraw money from their retirement accounts penalty-free, provided they meet specific criteria. This guide will explain…

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The Role of a Retirement Advisor

Understanding the Role A retirement advisor is a financial expert who specializes in guiding individuals through the planning and management of their retirement finances. Their role involves several key responsibilities: Calculate your retirement income with The Annuity Expert retirement calculator Examples in Action Retirement Planning Milestones Age Milestone 30 Initial retirement planning and saving 40…

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Retirement Insurance

What is Retirement Insurance? Retirement insurance is a financial product designed to provide income or cover specific costs during an individual’s retirement years. It often includes annuities, long-term care insurance, and life insurance tailored for retirees. These products aim to secure a stable financial future, ensuring retirees can maintain their lifestyle without outliving their savings.…

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Annuities vs. Living Off Interest

For individuals seeking to optimize their retirement income, it’s essential to consider various income-generating strategies. Two popular approaches include living off interest income from investments and utilizing an annuity with a lifetime income rider. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. This comparison will comprehensively compare these two approaches, helping you determine which best suits…

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How To Maximize Retirement Spending

What is Retirement Spending? Retirement spending refers to the expenditures a person incurs after they stop working. It includes daily living expenses, healthcare costs, leisure activities, and potential unexpected expenses. How to Budget for Retirement? Creating a Retirement Spending Plan Using Annuities in Retirement Annuities can be used to automate retirement budgeting. They provide a…

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