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Indian parents, who travel abroad to visit their children or grandchildren, often require a comprehensive insurance package that includes medical and emergency evacuation coverage. If you are an Indian parent and need information about the different types of travel insurance (for both to and from India) available for your needs, this guide is for you!

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Best Travel Insurance For India From the USA

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Best Travel Insurance For Indian Parents

Find the best international travel insurance for Indian parents for visiting the USA or visiting India.

Traveling can be an exciting and enriching experience, but it comes with unexpected challenges and risks. This is especially true for older adults, such as Indian parents visiting the United States. As they age, their health concerns and medical needs become more significant, and it’s crucial to ensure they have adequate insurance coverage during their visit. In this guide, we’ll explore various options for travel insurance for Indian parents, their benefits, and how to choose the best plan for their needs.

Understanding the Need for Insurance Coverage for Indian Parents Visiting the USA

Health Risks Faced by Indian Parents Visiting the USA

Indian parents visiting the USA may face different health risks than they do in their home country. The new climate, food, water, time zone changes, and other factors can lead to health problems. These health problems include altitude sickness, food poisoning, jet lag, etc. As a result, it is essential to have adequate medical insurance coverage for unexpected illnesses and injuries.

Coverage Options for Indian Parents Visiting the USA

Various options are available for insurance coverage for Indian parents visiting the USA. The most popular ones include travel, visitor, and expatriate insurance. Travel insurance is typically purchased for a short period, such as a few weeks or months, and it covers unforeseen medical expenses, trip cancellations, and other related issues. Visitor insurance is a type of short-term medical insurance that is purchased for a specific period and covers medical emergencies and accidents. Finally, expatriate insurance is designed for people living outside their home country for an extended period, providing comprehensive medical, dental, and vision care coverage.

Insurance Coverage For Indian Parents Visiting The Usa

Factors to Consider When Choosing Insurance Coverage for Indian Parents Visiting the USA

Age and Health Conditions of the Indian Parents

The age and health conditions of Indian parents should be the primary consideration when choosing insurance coverage. For example, older parents with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease may require more comprehensive coverage, while younger and healthier parents may only need basic coverage.

Duration of the Visit

The duration of the visit is another essential factor when choosing insurance coverage. Short-term plans are suitable for visitors who will only be in the country for a few weeks or months, while long-term plans may be more appropriate for parents who will be staying for a year or more.

Coverage Limits and Deductibles

Coverage limits and deductibles are also essential factors to consider. Higher coverage limits and lower deductibles will result in higher premiums, but they can provide more extensive coverage and reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

Top Insurance Plans for Indian Parents Visiting the USA

Patriot America

Patriot America is another popular travel insurance plan that provides coverage for visitors to the USA. It offers comprehensive medical coverage for injuries and illnesses, including coverage for pre-existing conditions. It also includes benefits like emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, and trip interruption. It is suitable for short-term visits, and coverage can be purchased for as little as five days.

How to Buy Insurance Coverage for Indian Parents Visiting the USA

Research Insurance Plans

The first step in buying insurance coverage for Indian parents visiting the USA is to research insurance plans. Look for plans that provide comprehensive coverage for medical emergencies and other related issues. Then, check each plan’s coverage limits, deductibles, and benefits.

Compare Insurance Plans

Once you have a list of potential insurance plans, compare them based on coverage, cost, and benefits. Look for plans that fit your budget and provide the most comprehensive coverage.

Purchase Insurance Online

Many insurance plans can be purchased online. Once you have selected a plan, complete the online application, and pay the premium. You will receive an insurance card and policy documents via email.

Next Steps

Buying travel insurance for Indian parents visiting the USA is essential in ensuring their safety and well-being. By understanding the health risks, coverage options, factors to consider, and top insurance plans, you can make an informed decision about the best insurance coverage for your parents. Remember to research, compare, and purchase insurance online to provide your parents with the best possible coverage during their visit to the USA.

Travel Insurance For Indian Parents

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which medical insurance is best in the US for parents traveling from India?

Among the most reputable health insurance plans for parents traveling from India to the United States is Atlas America. Once you have met your deductible, this policy will pay up to 100 percent of coverage costs, with no limit on the maximum amount covered. Another option that provides comprehensive coverage and a similar payment structure is Patriot America Plus.

Can I buy insurance for my parents in the USA?

To purchase life insurance for your US parents, you and they need to take specific steps. Your parents must be mentally competent enough to provide consent before purchasing a policy on them. Additionally, you’ll need their Social Security number, name, and address during the application process.

Can we use Indian health insurance in the USA?

If you possess Health Insurance from India, it will not offer any coverage for your health needs in the United States. Therefore, obtaining a US insurance policy is essential if you visit or reside in America.

How much does travel health insurance in USA cost?

But make sure you’re protected with travel health insurance, too. Forbes Advisor’s analysis indicates that a typical policy will cost 5-6% of your total trip expenses – so if your getaway is $5,000 in value, then expect to pay anywhere from $154 (for basic coverage) up to an average rate of $228 or even as much as $437 for comprehensive protection. So get insured and enjoy peace of mind on vacation!

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